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Garage Doors: Sectional Doors vs. Rolling Steel Doors

Moved to a new house? Or you just want to change the garage doors at your house? Want to know the difference between these two types of garage doors?

Whether you moved to a new place and you want to change the old garage doors at your house, or you are just remodelling your house, you still need garage doors that you feel comfortable with. On the market and on the internet you can find numerous models for your garage doors, you just need to know what are you looking for.

Today’s topic revolves around sectional and rolling steel garage doors, so you can have an idea about them.

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Sectional garage doors

This type of garage doors are overhead and float up in the building, in comparison with rolling steel garage doors that are fixed in the face of the wall.

For sectional garage doors the horizontal track has to be supported from the roof or ceiling structure. These doors are usually attached to the vertical face of the wall.

Sectional garage doors might cost you less money at the beginning, but in time you might end up paying more as rolling steel doors don’t need too much maintenance and service.

Rolling steel garage doors

This type of garage doors are made of metal which roll up in coil above the opening. Their purpose is to assure security against weather or entry. They are build to last as long as possible.

Rolling steel garage doors are heavier compared to sectional garage doors, as they are used in institutional, industrial, commercial, and other type of buildings.

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December 8, 2015
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