Garage Door Repairs in Delray Beach, Boynton Beach, and the Surrounding Areas

Do you stay anywhere in and around Boynton Beach, Coral Springs, Delray Beach, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach or Tamarac? And, are you looking for a company for garage door repairs? If yes, then we, Hire Authority Doors, can solve all your problems. From selling garage doors to servicing and repairing them, we do it all.  

However, if you want to know about the top signs which show that you need to repair your garage door immediately, then take a look at the following points.  

  • It won’t open or close: The first sign that your garage doors give you in order to say that it needs attention immediately is that, it fails to open or close smoothly. Check if anything is blocking the door or not. If not, call an expert without any further delay.  
  • Slow response time: Is your garage door taking too much time in order to respond? Yes? Well then, this is yet another red signal which indicates that it requires servicing.  
  • Noise: The third sign which you should be looking out for is whether the door is making a lot of noise while operating or not. If it is, then be sure that it is a result of loose hardware, worn rollers or the garage door opener. 
  • The door is off the tracks: If your door is off its track, then you shouldn’t really delay in calling a mechanic. This could lead to serious accidents if immediate actions are not taken.  
  • Sagging garage door sections: Last but not the least, check if they have sagging door sections or not. Also, test the balance of the door at least twice a month. 

So, these were the top 5 signs that show that your garage door needs to be repaired. To know more, kindly talk to one of our professionals today!  

January 20, 2018
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