Boynton Beach, Delray Beach, FL garage door installation

Garage door installation is often included with the sale

Your garage door is important for many reasons including easy access, easy exit, safety, convenience, appearance and more. It is not much use having a fancy garage door that is not installed properly. If you are looking for professional garage door installation in Boynton Beach, Coral Springs, Delray Beach, Palm Beach, Tamarac or West Palm Beach, then Hire Authority Doors can help.

The first step in garage door installation is accurate measurements. Measurements must be based on the opening and not on some existing door. Things such as headroom, rear clearance, headers and backjambs must be taken into account in order for the door to function properly. The garage door installation is also influenced by the type of door. For example, a sectional door has sections that need to be properly stacked.

There are various components that need to be assembled and installed such as weather proofing items, hinges, tracks, rollers, springs, jamb brackets, door opener and more. Spring tensions may also be set or adjusted.

When it comes to the actual garage door installation you have two options

1)Do it yourself

2)Have a professional contractor do it

If you opt to do it yourself, you better know what you are doing. Good luck with that.

If you get a professional contractor to do it, you will have peace of mind that the door will be properly balanced, that everything will work the way it should without unnecessary friction or air leaks. You can also be sure that a professional installer will comply with any building codes and regulations.

If you want peace of mind knowing that your garage door will operate efficiently, effectively and safely, they you best leave the garage door installation to the experts. Most garage door companies include installation and old door removal as part of the sale.







June 30, 2016
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