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3 amazing benefits and basic aspects of electric garage door openers


As we grow up, we find that the world around us is gradually changing. As the world changes, different innovations have evolved with regards to garage door installation. Today, automatic garage doors have become an essential part of every vehicle owner’s property, especially in cities such as Boynton Beach and Coral Springs, FL. Being in constant contact with the natural elements of earth leaves these garage doors are in dire need of a make-over. But, that is not the end of the story. After the make-over, set your property apart from the rest in your neighborhood with a few simple enhancements which won’t cost you a lot of money from us at Hire Authority Garage Doors, a South Florida’s premier garage door service and sales provider and that is installing electric garage door openers, an easy and cost-effective upgrade of garage door offering several benefits, such as-

  • Increase re-sale value of the property-This simple project enhancement can add to the re-sale value of both commercial and residential properties.
  • More convenience-With an electric or automatic garage door opener, you do not have to get up again and again to open and close your garage door while parking your vehicle, especially during heavy downpours and chilly winters and even during scorching summers.
  • Security and privacy- Automatic or electric garage door openers prevent any possibility of injuring yourself while opening and shutting your garage door. They also act as a major deterrent to burglary, since they make it very difficult for intruders and prowlers to gain access to the valuable assets stored inside your garage.


When selecting an electric garage door opener of your choice from us, know about its different features, including-

  1. Automatic stop- The automatic stopfeature sensors when the garage door is obstructed and automatically stops operation of the door so as to prevent damage to vehicles and property.
  2. Remote lockout- This allows you to shut down the door for a preset period of time if you are away for a long vacation or a short trip with your family and friends,
  3. A battery back-up system– It allows you to open your electric garage door when there is a power blackout.

Although the electric garage door opener has been around for almost two decades, for many property owners it is an aspect that is yet to be employed. Build your own garage door by clicking on this link



November 1, 2015
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